Cerebral X – The Advantages And Disadvantages

Trying to last longer than any lover she’s had before? If so, you need Cerebral X, a supplement that can transform your body into a sexual machine. Admit or not, when you age, you tend to feel less energetic and sluggish. It usually happens once your body starts to generate less testosterone, approximately 1% every year as per the latest study.

Advantages of using Cerebral X

Increasing your testosterone level through this pill can greatly help you boost your energy level, gain more muscles, push you through hard workouts, and enjoy a firmer and long lasting erection regardless of your age. As a matter of fact, it is already proven to be one of the most powerful supplements as it can boost your T level in no time through its two-phase system. This system mainly targets the five arousal system in the brain, boosting up your sexual desire.

Aside from that, it can also build more muscles without giving any harmful side effects.

Disadvantages of using Cerebral X

You can’t take Cerebral X if you are under 18 years old.

Do you still need prescription to avail it?

You don’t need to get a prescription just to get one bottle of Cerebral X. In fact, this supplement is now available to purchase online via the official website. In addition to that, quality is guaranteed as the manufacturer offer money back guarantee.


Best Supplements For Women Over 30

Your health is actually more valuable than your wealth as you get older. Thus, to build a good defense against age-related diseases once adulthood takes its toll, you have to eat healthily and have a well-rounded diet. More than that, you need to take the right supplements. Here are the best supplements for women over 30 to protect your well-being:


At the age of 30, women who are planning to bear a child must increase their B Vitamin folate intake. Otherwise known as folic acid, it decreases the possibility of having neural tube defects among fetuses, low birth weight, and pre-term babies.

Calcium and Vitamin D

Most women are afraid of getting osteoporosis once they reach the age of 30. Just take enough amount of calcium to make your bones stronger. According to the National Institutes of Health, women must get a minimum of 1000 milligrams of calcium daily.

Meanwhile, Vitamin D significantly helps your body in calcium absorption. Therefore, they have to make sure that they’re taking 400 International Units per day.


Iron is one of the best supplements for women over 30 since they are more prone to develop iron deficiency. This condition is more common for pregnant women or people who suffer from a heavy menstrual period. It may cause infection and fatigue.

To prevent this, drink at least 18 milligrams of iron every day. If you’re pregnant, make it 27 milligrams.

Best supplements for women over 30should not be taken to treat or cure medical problems; they are taken to increase the vital nutrients that enter your body. You should take them at the prescribed dosage and follow the instructions that come with them. There is no guaranteed substitute for a healthy lifestyle, and supplements are real health boosters that maximize your health benefits.

Hair Loss Treatment Review: Andras Fiber

Chemicals found in the shampoos and serums are one of the biggest reasons people experience bald spots and thinning hair. This is why natural hair care products are becoming popular in the market. When choosing a product to hide bald spots or thinning hair, it is important to stick with chemical free and natural options because some chemicals may speed up the hair fall making the problem go from bad to worse very rapidly.

Andras Fiber is one of the instant hair products that can help cover bald spots and thinning hair. Their fibers are manufactured from keratin, just like human hair. Applying these fibers is easy. wash and dry the hair and apply gently by shaking over the bald spots. These tiny fibers will cling on to existing hair and scalp cells owing to their static charge. Pat them lightly to help settle them and apply some more if a bigger volume is needed. They are sweat-proof and unaffected by water, so a day in the sun or in rain are both ok.