Muscle Building Strategies For Men


 Building muscle is not an easy task. It requires discipline and patience. Just like our daily life, we encounter setbacks and challenges that may put us down. The key is to stay focused and committed to our goal. There were days that we become too lazy to go to the gym and have a few lifts or get bored because of the routines we do daily.

It is recommended to take a strength training to grow your muscles and improve your health. In a few weeks time, one can see visible results with the muscles. Check out the strategies that can help your muscle growth journey.


  1. Make time to do strength training regularly.

Training for hours and get addicted to it won’t really help. It is better to start with attainable resistance training. For starters, do lunges, squats, and other exercises that work on your muscles and hamstrings. Add cardio activity that will start your legs to have muscle growth.

Whatever strength training we want, the bottom line is that the repetitions are high enough to fatigue the muscles. If we fail, then the muscle growth will be impossible, too.

  1. Muscle groups should alter.

Weight training does little tears in the muscle and with periods of rest, will repair and rebuild itself. Serious injury happens when the muscles are not given an ample time to repair.

Once we feel the sore, taking a rest for a day or two will help. Alternatively, we can switch to work on another muscle group.

  1. Hydrate with water, beginning and when your workout ends.

Drinking plenty of water is always been advised as a helpful habit for a healthy living. It is important while on the process of developing your muscle. One should take 8 to 10 glasses of water daily and additional 12 to 16 oz. before your workout start. Every 15 minutes, hydrate yourself with 8 to 10 oz. especially for difficult exercise. In cases that the workout will take more than an hour, take a sports drink to replenish the loss of electrolyte on your body.

  1. Have a balanced diet.

Muscle growth calls for a careful balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein. More vitamins and minerals that we can get from food.

Have five or six small balanced meals every day and better to control the carbohydrate intake of your body cause insulin level can spike and hinder growth hormones for muscle growth. For muscle building, do not think of going into a diet program.

Fat intake should be monitored and it should be less than 30% of the daily total calorie intake. Vitamins and minerals that comes from fruits and vegetables should be as plenty as we can.

  1. Take lots of protein.

Muscle growth means getting protein and more protein. Muscles is consisting of amino acids and protein. Intake of protein snacks like cottage cheese, cheese sticks, protein bars and protein shakes. Food like turkey, cheese and cracker snack packs will help to achieve those muscle that we aim for.

  1. Having enough sleep

Sleep deprivation limits the growth hormone that is in charge with muscle building. High blood pressure, depression and other health concerns is liked to lack of sleep. Obesity is included in the list as well.

Having enough rest makes us alert and don’t go for quick naps. Having 7 to 8 hours of sleep is normal though some people may need more.

  1. Pick a trainer

Motivation and knowledge will help you reach you goal and hiring trainer would help a lot. Your trainer will help you get the right mindset and will push you to be who you want to be. A 3-month workout with a trainer is a good start. Familiarization in the gym, knowing your routine and getting used to it. Learning different exercises and get satisfying outcome.

Men are focused on their goals. They won’t stop until they reach what they want. Taking care of their body has been in their system since the ancient times. Exercise trains our mind as well to overcome the limits that we have. Muscle building takes a lot of time. It will test your patience and dedication. Seeing the results of the hard work is self-achievement and will open your mind to overcoming challenges in your life. So train hard and live a healthy life.



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